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Longtui (Shanghai) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. inherits the Lonking Group's mission of “efficiency-driven and future-oriented” enterprise development and is committed to the development, manufacturing and sales of new energy sweepers, floor scrubbers and other high-tech smart devices needed for environmental cleanliness. Efforts will be made to create a manufacturer of environmental protection equipment。

        The company has always adhered to "a major principle" - "sales agency system," and continuously strengthen the "quality, service, cost-effective," which "three major advantages", and fundamentally ensure the smooth flow of sales channels and after-sales service improvement。

        The company inherits the "Enterprise Strategy of Relying on Talents, Focusing on Management, Quality and Brand, Winning the World, and Leaping into the Heroes" and the product concept of "Smart and Ingenious Man-Machine Integration" to establish an independent research and development center in Shanghai. , To provide users with cost-effective products。


電話? : 021-35093999

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